Hug Me Polar Bear

      Polar Bear made from 100% linen with arms and legs filled with a pure lambs wool and a body filled with buckwheat hulls in a removable “pillow”.       Buckwheat hulls are lightweight and durable and adjust easily to fit in the child’s hands. This unique polar bear can be made warm or cool!  Parents simply heat the inner buckwheat filled pillow and put it inside the bear’s tummy providing a comforting warmth to any child (and grown ups too). As the bear cools down he's getting better.  Alternatively the pillow can be put in the freezer for a few hours if cooling is required.       This cute teddy bear can be used instead of a pillow and be your child’s best friend at bed time – the unique triangular shape of the hulls allows them to lock together providing firm, restful support for your child.       Those with allergies to synthetics toys will appreciate buckwheat’s hypo-allergenic nature. Best of all, buckwheat is natural AND environmentally friendly.


Dimensions: 520 X 200 X 100 mm


Washing Instructions: Before washing REMOVE from the buckwheat “pillow” from the back of the toy.  Keep  the buckwheat hulls dry and away from humid and wet areas. If moisture occurs unintentionally then empty the pouch’s contents onto a large piece of fabric and let the buckwheat hulls sit in sunlight by a window for a day in order to get dry.

Wash the toy by hand in luke warm water with a mild solution of washing liquid – NOT Powder. Gently press the item between clean towels to remove moisture, reshape whilst damp. DO NOT WRING OR TWIST THE TOY. Change the towel and lay the toy on it and let it air dry for a few

  • Age : 1-2 years

Price: £30.00